Case Study:




FluidOne is a UK based Telecommunications company offering high quality, secure data, voice and cloud solutions.

Industry: Telecommunications       Sector: Mid-market, B2B


Whilst FluidOne had a deployed, bespoke, CRM, they didn’t have end-to-end visibility of the customer and were working in silos across marketing and sales.

The main challenges we identified were;

  • Legacy sales systems struggled to provide visibility 
  • Marketing automation did not automate lead capture from web
  • Sales forecast and activity management did not have consistent processes
  • Siloed insight across team
  • Limited sales pipeline tools


FluidOne engaged Trigg Digital to design and implement a CRM solution that streamlines the marketing and sales process from acquisition all the way through to retention.

Our solution:

  • Build and rollout an advanced Salesforce Sales Cloud solution with marketing automation
  • Business process optimisation for sales, making it much easier to manage and view pipeline
  • Integrated website, email and call tracking activity to provide a single view of customer interactions with complete transparency from first contact to opportunity closed won
  • Implemented first click/last click attribution modelling to optimise marketing spend, drive an increase in conversions and improve ROI
  • Deployed advanced white space analysis to increase upsell and cross-sell opportunities through automation and next best action framework
  • Data cleansing and deduplication to improve data quality and visibility for the sales teams
  • Optimise sales feedback tools for better management and visibility on the pipeline
  • Introduced BANT and SCOTSMAN Sales methodologies to improve Sales processes


The FluidOne team also decided to take advantage of Trigg’s Managed Service package, giving them ongoing access to Trigg Digital’s expertise.


What do our customers say?

“Trigg Digital have great expertise in Salesforce combined with strong client engagement. They worked closely with us to form strategy and requirements, and the implementation was fast, flexible and focused. I couldn’t recommend them enough, a real breath of fresh air.”

Russell Horton, CEO


FluidOne has seen a direct impact on business metrics with increases in user adoption and process utilisation, marketing spend efficiencies and reductions in cost due to manual processes that were heavily reliant on people and the retirement of legacy on-premise systems. But most importantly, smiles on the faces of the sales and marketing teams as they work together 


  • First sales team onboarded to Salesforce Sales Cloud within 3 months
  • Increased business user and process adoption by 30%, improving sales team productivity and morale
  • Data quality improvements leading to 10% more effective marketing and sales campaigns
  • Improved accuracy of sales forecasting
  • Improved work prioritisation to focus on bids most likely to be won
  • Increased efficiency via marketing automation resulting in reduced operational costs 
  • Now have the ability to respond to leads within 30 minutes, improving closed won opportunities

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