Fintech Co.

FinTech Co. is a UK based fintech company offering lending and credit facilities with ambitious goals to disrupt the B2B and consumer lending markets in the UK and abroad.


Fintech Co have organically grown their CRM implementation as the business requirements developed quickly the first year the business was up and running.

Subsequently, with limited controls in place to manage Salesforce both from a management and technical perspective, the solution became difficult to manage and hard to scale. There were over 1000 unused custom fields and numerous unused apps and technologies compounding the issues.

Working with the team, we evaluated options to optimise the existing platform, or start fresh with a new implementation that is designed to scale with the company.


FinTech Co engaged Trigg Digital to what became a key partnership for their growth plans in 2020 into the consumer lending business. Trigg Digital have supported both strategically and from an implementation perspective to implement their consumer CRM solution.

The focus has been automating the loan application and underwriting processes for a seamless, intuitive experience that enables applicants to receive a real-time decision in principle before completing the process. This helps drive a competitive advantage against existing companies in the space.

The project had ambitious timelines which drove Trigg Digital to come up with creative solutions to ensure delivery of a quality product. 

What do our customers say?

“Working with Trigg Digital has been an excellent experience for us as the team has great core skills which our internal team have benefited from. They really have unrivalled knowledge of what best practice is for Salesforce but also in overall technical project delivery. The key thing for us was around speed of delivery on which they have been able to deliver on.”

FinTech Co.


FinTech Co has been working with the Trigg Digital team since March 2020. The relationship has gone from strength to strength in the backdrop of challenging deadlines and difficult market conditions.  They have been able to introduce a regular cadence to software delivery and build a state of the art lending delivery process within the first 4 months. 


  • Delivery end to end application process ontime within 4 months
  • Established regular technical delivery process with 2 week sprints
  • Trigg leverage their in-house experience to coach and grow our internal teams to manage the solution over the engagement period


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