Change Management

Manage change, governance, end-user training and drive adoption to maximise the return on your investment.


Change is difficult. Make it easier with our team of experts 

Moving to Salesforce? We can help you manage the change, governance and training to maximise the return on your investment. We maximise the impact of your transformation programmes and augment user adoption.

What is our approach to change management?

Change management is development and rollout of organisational and structural change within your business. Yet, transitioning to a new technology platform or interface can be challenging. It often requires people to adopt new behaviors and ways of working from what they’re used to.

That’s why we at Trigg Digital work as an extension of your business as Salesforce experts. We support you across the 6 key levers of change. 

  • Leadership

We work with your leadership team to develop succinct change management strategies

  • Ecosystem

We develop a company ecosystem that is keen for change. This will allow for seamless, company-wide adoption of the new platform

  • Values

We align the company values with the transformation goals to reduce friction within the workforce

  • Enablement

We provide expansive user training to drive user adoption and to increase productivity

  • Rewards

We work with the leaders of your business to develop a reward system that will incentivise user adoption

  • Structure

We combine these levers with the tools and the technology that will make the new ways of working easier.

With 50+ years of in-house experience we can have a proven track record of leading transformational technology change. These levers will ensure a top-down, coordinated effort across the company that will maximise the ROI of the transformation.

Why choose Trigg?

Access to a full team of Salesforce consultants who specialise across the entire range of Salesforce products

We know Salesforce inside out, back to front and sideways, with 50+ years of experience


We work as an extension of your team- when and where you need us

We have a 5 star customer rating on the Salesforce App Exchange

UK based team and support – we can work within your timezone

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