Identify opportunities for business process optimisation, redesign, or the implementation of new processes to reduce your costs, improve customer satisfaction or increase revenue.


Leverage our business and technology expertise to drive growth

Not sure where to start with digital transformation? Want to improve your business processes to save time and scale? Maximise the return on your Salesforce investment with experienced consultants that understand your business . We identify opportunities to streamline sales, marketing, service or CRM processes to support you getting to the next level.

What is our consultation approach?

Our team has over 50 years experience in Salesforce products, leading Sales, Marketing and Service teams and working with data to drive growth. We take the time to understand your business and make bespoke recommendations to improve your processes.

We work with you to understand your needs and requirements through a series of workshops and systems analysis.

Once we understand your business inside and out we use our experience to develop solutions, both strategic and technological.

Our customers work with us to:

  • Align their business processes with their technological solutions for a seamless business user experience.
  • Deliver customised, robust CRM solutions that maximise business potential. 
  • Develop businesses processes and strategies that alleviates pain points or drives new business potential.
  • Train their team from the ground up on how to use agile methodology to produce achievable goals.

Why choose Trigg?

Access to a full team of Salesforce consultants who specialise across the entire range of Salesforce products

We know Salesforce inside out, back to front and sideways, with 50+ years of experience


We work as an extension of your team- when and where you need us

We have a 5 star customer rating on the Salesforce App Exchange

UK based team and support – we can work within your timezone

Contact Trigg today to find out how we grow your business with the Salesforce Platform

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