Health Check

Assess user adoption and business processes, identify quick wins

and recommend strategies to improve your customer time to value.


Uncover the potential of your CRM solution

Discover how Trigg can explore your current Salesforce implementation and uncover what is holding your business back. No matter the size of the business or age of your Salesforce instance, we will find how to maximise your ROI and drive your business forward.

What is a Trigg health check?

We at Trigg are Salesforce experts. We compare your business objectives with your current implementation, benchmark against competitors in your industry and share best practises to recommend strategies for increased growth. 

With over 50+ years of combined Salesforce experience our team are ideally positioned to give you actionable and informative insights into your current solution.

Customers work with Trigg to:

  • Identify potential improvements to their current instance by leveraging their business objectives against their current implementation.
  • Identify potential security threats with an analysis of their current solution’s security system.
  • Identify inefficiencies within their processes and code.
  • Learn from our specialists about Salesforce best practise.
  • Discover growth opportunities by leveraging the capabilities of your current instance against potential future improvements.

Why choose Trigg?

Access to a full team of Salesforce consultants who specialise across the entire range of Salesforce products

We know Salesforce inside out, back to front and sideways, with 50+ years of experience


We work as an extension of your team- when and where you need us

We have a 5 star customer rating on the Salesforce App Exchange

UK based team and support – we can work within your timezone

Contact Trigg today to find out how we grow your business with the Salesforce Platform

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