About Trigg

The team behind Trigg are just like you, well, we’ve been in your shoes. Leading teams in sales,
customer service, marketing, analytics, product and technology. For over a decade, our methods
from ideation to the launch of new initiatives have delivered double-digit growth.


Our story dates back to 2007 when Steven Paul and Chee Ho Wan first worked together at a global marketplace. With only a small team and ambitious business objectives…life could be a little chaotic. One day it was devising future customer experiences, the next sending invoices out by hand. We had no choice but to learn fast!

Then the introduction of the Salesforce platform transformed our ways of working and thinking. We could implement and optimise CRM processes in days and weeks. No more envelope delivered invoices!

We brought in processes which made the global marketplace nimble, able to deliver exceptional customer satisfaction and most importantly continuously deliver double-digit growth.

It became our ambition to share our expertise with the world. For years we listened to agency after agency try to sell their packages and formulaic processes.

Over three years leading an in-house global transformation project we began to form our vision of what we thought people like us really wanted – ‘less fluff more action’.

And so Trigg was born… Welcome!

Our Team

With over 30 years of in-house experience, we act as an extension of your team. Together, we cut through the noise to find, and deliver, the optimum solution to meet your immediate and long-term business needs.



Founder & CEO

13+ years leadership and hands-on experience in the design and implementation of enterprise CRM solutions across the Sales, Service, Marketing and Analytics workstreams.

“We like to tackle business challenges and get things done; business user and customer success is paramount.”




Operations Director

20+ years experience on digital marketing projects + 6 years focused on marketing and data automation

“Chee has been involved in a wide range of CRM projects, he brings a pragmatic approach to Salesforce platform delivery projects”


0 + years

in-house experience





0 +


Our Approach

Working with the Salesforce Platform and adopting the agile software delivery methodology allows us to collaborate closely with our customers, adapt or change course as needed to realise business value faster

Our Partners

Partnering with industry leaders enables us to help our customers, while giving back to our community

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