Newest Member of Our Team – Dean Burns

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We are excited to welcome one of our more recent additions to the team, Dean Burns, as a Technical Architect. Dean is an accomplished technology leader with over 10 years experience delivering cutting edge CRM and Marketing solutions for Media, Retail, Fintech and Telco businesses.

I caught up with Dean recently to learn a little bit more about his experiences, his passions and his hobbies.

Hey Dean, so tell us a little bit about yourself!

I am an experienced technology leader, specialising in CRM and data. I am passionate about the work I do and customer satisfaction has always been central to that. I started my career working on a customer service desk and fantastic customer service is still something I am passionate about today. I believe that a 360 degree of your customer is crucial in providing personalised and effective customer service and I’m keen to make these goals a reality for every business I work with.

What is your experience as a Salesforce Technical Architect?

Working with Salesforce has been a great experience. I was lucky enough to work on a range of projects during my time focusing on different parts of the Salesforce platform. I’ve worked with greenfield multi-cloud (Sales, CPQ & Billing) implementations,  LWC development for customer communities and creation of platform governance models for a large existing multi-cloud Salesforce implementation (Marketing, Sales, CPQ, Service, Communities).

What attracted you to working with Salesforce?

I have a long history of working with CRM systems which started 14 years ago at which time Salesforce was relatively new and Service cloud had not even been introduced! Naturally, when working with and creating CRM systems you develop a deep appreciation for a CRM product which is so impressive and is bringing the industry to the cloud with such innovation.

What interested you most about Trigg Digital?

I really liked Trigg’s focus on consultants being an extension of the in-house team. Returning to consulting from being in-house, it was important for me to be somewhere that focused on more than just delivering projects for their clients and was genuinely invested in their long term success.

Finally, what do you like doing in your spare time?

I play football twice a week and I have an Arsenal season ticket so football takes up quite a lot of time for me. I also keep up to date with technology and listen to a number of geeky podcasts! However, I have two young daughters so whenever I’m not working for Trigg I am working for them!

Thanks Dean!

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