Newest Member of Our Team – Juher Shaikh

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We are happy to welcome Juher Shaikh to #TeamTrigg this week as a Senior Salesforce Consultant! Juher brings over a decade of hands-on experience to the team after leading the design and implementation of advanced Sales Cloud, CPQ, FinancialForce, Marketing, Service Cloud and Analytics Cloud solutions.

Juher’s proven Salesforce expertise coupled with his vast knowledge across Telco, Media, FinTech, Professional Services and Charity organisations made it an easy decision for us. Not only that, Juher has significant experience delivering solutions in-house for end users – which is what we are all about!

I held a short interview with Juher during his first week to find out what makes him tick…

Hey Juher, so tell us a little bit about yourself!

My name is Juher. I have worked with Salesforce technology for over 10 years. This is broken down into six and a half years as an end user, two and a half years working for Salesforce Partners and 1 year as an independent contractor. In those 10 years, I have led a range of Salesforce implementations, as well as managed, trained and supported internal teams and end customers.

What is your experience as a Salesforce Consultant?

In my experience, the keys to working as a Salesforce Consultant revolve around delivering three concepts; Stakeholder buy-in, user engagement and adoption, and return on investment. Without a clearly defined plan, implementations are doomed to fail.

Although it may seem obvious, user engagement tends to be overlooked by many consultants. While the solution might work perfectly and the business value is measurable, if the business users can’t use Salesforce, the solution is worthless. This is why it is important to engage all business users throughout the development of the project.

The counterpoint to user engagement is measurable business value. While it is important to make a solution that is aesthetic and easy to use, it is also important to keep sight of the end goal. A good implementation is robust, saves time for the users, generates insights into business strategy and drives business growth.

What attracted you to working with Salesforce?

Although a Chemistry graduate, I never pursued a career in that domain. My main interest has always been computers and software. As a result, once I graduated I pursued my primary interest. Shortly after, I landed my first job with HP/EDS working as a MicroSoft Exchange Server Administrator.

After getting experience in IT, Salesforce was a natural progression. Back then Salesforce was one of the first Cloud based CRM which at the time was way ahead of its rivals due to its constant push for innovation and customer success and as we know, it remains the leader today. What appealed to me most was how customisable the platform is which enabled me to deliver business value significantly faster than other systems on the market – I have been working with Salesforce ever since.

What interested you most about Trigg Digital?

Trigg Digital struck me as an exciting place to work. While start-ups can be tumultuous environments, the experience and achievements found throughout the team make me confident about Trigg’s ability to implement real change within the industry. This is reflected in its high NPS scores that speak volumes about the professionalism within the company.

Moreover, Trigg Digital has shown to excel in Media, Fintech and Telco companies. I believe my in-house experience within these industries will lend itself well to Trigg’s area of expertise.

Finally, I look forward to the challenges ahead. A fast-moving, agile company like Trigg Digital means thinking on your feet and adapting yourself on almost a daily basis.

Finally, what do you like doing in your spare time?

When I am not driving user engagement and adoption with our customers, I like playing cricket and I am also very passionate about chess. ( Any challengers out there? 🙂 )

Thank you Juher!

I can speak on behalf of everybody in Trigg when I give you the very warmest welcome . We look forward to working together to help our customers grow their businesses over the weeks, months and years ahead!

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