Salesforce Managed Services- what are the pros and cons to each CRM approach?

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Salesforce Managed Services is an option to get the most out of your CRM investment. A Forrester study recently showed that nearly 50% of all CRM implementations fail the first time. One of the key reasons is that processes aren’t future-proofed from the outset. 

CRM is the backbone of your business, resulting in increased sales and improved marketing. They can also provide better retention, team accountability and reduced sales cycles. People invest in CRM for all the right reasons. However they all have the potential to fail if they aren’t managed correctly. A poorly managed or adopted CRM results in inaccurate data and organisational disconnect. Like any investment, they should be well maintained to continue supporting your business growth. 

In this blog, we’ll explore your options to manage CRM as your business grows. There are pros and cons to each approach.

What are Salesforce Managed Services?

When you invest in Salesforce, it has the potential to be a real game-changer for your business. However, as your business grows, most CRM systems can fall short of expectations and struggle to keep up with your needs.

To maintain the processes, user adoption rates and optimise, your CRM needs to grow with you. You have two options to keep it relevant: hire administrators, or outsource the maintenance and development of Salesforce to a third party.

Salesforce managed services are when you outsource the day-to-day running of your CRM investment to a team of experts, to provide administration, development, configuration and support for Salesforce. You can also choose to work with a provider who has the consultative and transformational experience to increase the value of your CRM.

What are the benefits of a Salesforce Managed Service?


Let’s face it: employees are expensive. It’s an ongoing commitment, and the person you hire may get involved in other company projects, despite your best intentions. 

Working with a third party, like Trigg Digital, you get access to a whole team of experts. We’ve been there before, and you get access to a whole range of expertise. A third party providing a Salesforce managed service can look at your business from the outside, and provide strategic recommendations of how to make the most of your investment.

Another benefit of a Salesforce managed service is that it’s flexible. With a wide range of options to choose from, from acting as an extension of your team to user training and consultancy, you can select as much (or as little) as you want. As your needs (and budget!) change, you can accelerate your Salesforce projects to drive adoption and revenue growth. 

The other benefit is a cohesive strategy. As Salesforce themselves have commented, some of the top reasons for CRM failure are lack of strategy, unclear processes, and lack of executive engagement. A third-party expert can be an excellent way to mitigate those risks of failure and achieve buy-in to your long term goals.

How can Salesforce Managed Services boost my business?


Customer relationship management is not just software; it’s a whole strategy for how you create profitable customer relationships. It takes customer data and turns it into useful, actionable insight that can transform a business. It helps everyone in a business to update records quickly and to get access to the latest information. And, if like Salesforce, it’s cloud-based, it’s kept up to date anytime, anywhere.


However, like all software, it’s only as good as the data that’s in it. The fastest way to have inaccuracies in your data is processes that are no longer fit for purpose, or as simple as possible. Salespeople are busy and often out of the office, so new methods such as integration between your email client and lead creation help keep it up to date.

Another example is for Sales management. Without accurate reporting processes, they can’t have real-time visibility to get the most out of their team. Whatever it is, we can almost guarantee that there’s a process improvement that can drive revenue or efficiency. Salesforce Managed Services help you spot those opportunities and drive engagement and growth.

How do I start with better CRM Management?


One of the key things to begin managing your CRM is knowing where to start. With Salesforce Managed Services at Trigg, we offer a free health check. During this free health check, we’ll audit your CRM and your processes for opportunities. You’ll come out with an actionable plan for how to increase revenue, gain executive engagement and transform the business via technology. Did somebody say Trailblazer?

To learn more, check out our ‘Managed Services’ page, where you can pick your engagement and book your health check.

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