Empowering your Sales team to be the CEOs of your business

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Today we discussed with Stephen Pendrell, Trigg’s head of sales, about the importance of empowering your Sales reps to be CEOs of your business.

Hi Stephen! What does it mean to be the CEO of your business?

Empowering your Sales reps to be CEOs of your business means exactly what it says on the tin. CEOs make the decisions, innovate the processes and own their metrics. It means giving your Sales reps the power to make their own decisions in relation to the Sales they are trying to achieve. It means instilling vision, responsibility and drive into your employees. This will allow them to innovate for you rather than the other way around.. For a Sales Rep, this means they decide the outreach approach and their sales cadences. They also collect and analyse the data they think they can use to improve their Sales systems.

All in all, It’s about cultivating an environment of trust and support so that your Sales reps can achieve by themselves with minimal management.


Why is it important to empower sales reps?


How does this help your business you might be asking? Well who better to innovate and improve your sales processes than those who use it every day. No longer is there a need to micromanage your teams. The onus now lies with your employees to provide the results. This frees up your sales managers and decision makers to help improve your team’s weaknesses or discover new opportunities.

From the perspective of your sales reps, this might be the first time they can truly show what they are capable of. It promotes the talented and hardworking members of your Sales team to the forefront. As for those of your team who arent performing at their best, it can be a good way to address their problems.

Empowerment allows you to focus on improving your sales reps. With the added transparency and data it should become clear what specific areas your sales reps need to work on. For example, a sales rep may be 50% short of their quota for the month. But the data tells you that actually their activity levels are sky-high – they are doing a great job at qualifying new prospects, but these prospects seem to be getting stuck in the early stages in the pipeline for too long.  Without clear and robust data, this might otherwise have been an uncomfortable conversation to have – but given what you know, you can now focus on coaching the sales rep about what could be causing the blockage.

How can you empower sales?


First and foremost, you need to have the right balance of skill and will in your sales reps. They need to be motivated to take ownership and skilled enough to have ownership of the tasks they are asked to do.

Equally as important is having the right management processes and controls at your fingertips. This means having complete transparency about pipeline activity, forecasting and reporting. This makes it easier for your team and your managers to see where they can improve, where they are struggling and where they are acheiving. Having this data means that you can then you can concentrate on getting the best out of your team through coaching and effective people management.

How can Salesforce help you achieve this?


Salesforce is the most customisable CRM solution out there. It completely moulds to your business. I honestly couldn’t imagine working in a business that didn’t have Salesforce as a CRM. With Salesforce, your sales team can tailor their Sales Cloud to suit their strategy.

From the automation tools that allow your team to speed up the more mundane tasks to Einstein Predict that can recommend next steps in a sales cadence, email conversation or prospecting campaign. Salesforce can drive your metrics up and empower your reps to achieve more.

On the flip side, Salesforce reporting allows your sales managers to focus in on the various ways their Sales reps can improve. You can track the performance of your sales reps at each step of their cadence to ensure they aren’t being blocked or use tools such as Call Coaching to improve their customer relations.

Why is it important to empower your sales reps in the New Normal?


Empowering your Sales reps has become more important than ever. Over the course of the pandemic, the face of Sales has changed dramatically. With a record number of people working from home, it is now more important than ever for your Sales reps to be given the responsibility of their own metrics.

Furthermore, this new normal means that age-old sales tactics no longer have the effect that they used to. Digital interactions take centre stage, quality of outreach becomes more important than quantity and the face-to-face interaction era is dying out. Because of this, old coaching techniques have become less effective so it is now more important to make sure your business can adapt. One of the best ways to do this is to empower your frontline Sales reps to innovate and own their Sales techniques


Who is Stephen Pendrell?


Stephen Pendrell is a highly experienced Sales specialist. He originally started in sales back in the early 2000’s, spending his formative years cutting his teeth working in media sales for a variety of media owners, before joining Ebay to manage their advertising and e-commerce teams for 5 years.

Since then he has had stints in Adtech, Martech, Big Data and Market Research before joining the Trigg team in 2020

What can Trigg do to help?


We are CRM specialists with over 50 years experience in business leadership. Contact us now to capitalise on this experience to help empower your Sales reps to be the leaders of your business.

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